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Triple Leg Chain Slings

Manufacturer: Gunnebo
When it comes to heavy-duty lifting operations, having the right equipment is crucial. One such essential lifting tool is the triple leg chain sling. With robust construction, the option of adjustable legs, and load capacities up to 100 Tons, triple leg chain slings provide an efficient solution for lifting heavy and/or challenging loads. Let's explore the features, benefits, and best practices associated with triple leg chain slings.

What are Triple Leg Chain Slings?

Triple leg chain slings are lifting devices designed to support and hoist heavy and/or challenging loads.

They consist of three chain legs that are interconnected at the top to a central master link or a master sub-assembly.

Many industry experts also refer to them as 3 Leg chain slings. Each chain leg terminates with a hook, link, grab, or other lifting attachment devices.

The multiple legs distribute the load weight, increasing stability and minimizing stress on individual components. There are also, single leg chain slings, double leg chain slings and quadruple leg chain slings, commonly referred to as one, two and 4 leg chain slings.

Features and Components

  1. Chain Material: Triple leg chain slings are typically constructed using high-quality alloy steel chains. Grade 10 or also referred to as Grade 100 being the most prevalent. Grade 120 and 80 are also available. These chains are known for their exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and high temperatures. Where certain corrosive environments may exist, Grade 50 stainless steel chain slings are also available.
  2. Master Link: The master link, located at the top of the chain bridle sling assembly, serves as a central connection point for the four legs. Welded master links are very common although forged links from alloy steel are also available. Master links with sub assemblies can also be used to allow smaller link diameters and may provide improved load distribution.
  3. Leg Length: Each leg of the triple chain sling can be customized to meet specific lifting requirements. The length of the legs determines the angle of loading at which the load will be lifted and affects the functional strength/increased tension of the chain sling assembly. Chain shortening hooks are also widely popular as they allow the sling user to shorten the leg length when lifting loads that do not have equidistant attachment points from the center of gravity.
  4. Hooks and Attachments: The lower end of each leg is equipped with a lifting attachment, such as a hook, grab, or sling hook, to connect to the load. These attachments are designed to securely hold the load during lifting operations. Self-Locking style hooks are extremely common and very durable avoiding the need to replace less robust latch mechanisms.

Benefits of Triple Leg Chain Slings

  1. High Load Capacity: Triple leg chain slings are engineered from high-strength alloys to handle heavy loads, making them ideal for industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. Their design distributes the load weight across multiple legs, reducing stress on individual components and increasing overall lifting capacity. Available in chain diameters up to 1-1/4” with ratings at over 100 Tons.
  2. Versatility: Triple leg chain slings can be used in various lifting applications, including use as single and 2-leg assemblies when capacities are reduced as approved by a qualified person. Their adjustable leg lengths allow for flexibility when adapting to different load sizes and shapes.
  3. Durability: With their alloy steel construction, triple leg chain slings are built to withstand demanding environments and heavy usage. They are resistant to abrasion, impact, and corrosion, ensuring a long service life even in harsh conditions.

Best Practices for Using Triple Leg Chain Slings

  1. Inspection: Before each use, visually inspect the chain sling for any signs of damage, such as cracks, deformation, or excessive wear. Check the master link, couplers, hooks, and attachments for secure connections and proper functioning. Always refer to manufacturer’s inspection guidelines which include acceptable component wear dimensional data.
  2. Load Calculation: Determine the weight and center of gravity of the load to ensure that the triple leg chain sling is suitable for the lifting task. Consider factors such as center of gravity, load angles, hitch type, load configuration, and sling capacity to prevent overloading and ensure stability during the lift.
  3. Proper Handling: Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for attaching the sling to the load and lifting equipment. Use appropriate lifting techniques, ensuring that the load is balanced and the sling is properly positioned. Avoid dragging chain slings on the ground or over loads to prevent premature wear.
  4. Storage and Maintenance: When not in use, store the chain sling in a clean and dry area away from possible mechanical damage such as weld spatter.

The following information must be specified on orders and should be used for chain sling inquiries:

  1. CHAIN SLING TYPE: Triple Leg, Bridle Assembly, Adjustable, Endless or Choker.
  4. TOP AND BOTTOM FITTINGS: Masterlink, Grab Hook, Foundry Hook, etc.
  5. SIZE: The size of the material from which the chain is made.
  6. REACH: Length, including attachments, measured from bearing point to bearing point.



Triple Leg Chain Slings


Top Fitting



Masterlink Subassembly

Sling Hooks


Masterlink Subassembly

Grab Hooks


Masterlink Subassembly

Foundry Hooks


Masterlink Subassembly

Self Locking Hooks


Masterlink Subassembly

Adjustable W/Sling Hooks

  Refer to "Product Resources" for Important Safety, Use and Inspection Information. .

Please Note:
Type “A” Adjuster has the cradle grab hook attached to masterlink with a coupling link.
Type “B” Adjusters are furnished with approximately 12 inches of chain in adjuster legs.
Cradle Grab Hooks are standard.
If so equipped, all Hooks will be furnished with latches.


All goods are custom made and Non-returnable. Any return must be negotiated, include a return authorization number and will be subject to a restocking fee.


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