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CLB Container Lifting Lug

Manufacturer: CM
CLB Container Lifting Lugs are supplied in sets of four and serve as connection points for lifting and lashing containers.
SKU: CLB-40 (Complete Set of 4 Lugs)
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Fabrication Time: 1-2 days
Made in the USA

CLB Container Lifting Lugs

CLB Container Lifting Lugs are supplied in sets of four and serve as connection points for lifting and lashing containers. CLB lugs are mounted horizontally to the sides of the container and are spring loaded to prevent accidental release. When lifting, CLB lugs must always be attached to the lower container holes and are designed for use with a lifting beam.

  • Easy Installation and removal, simply insert and turn.
  • Mounted at the side of the container in the upper holes.
  • Lugs cannot drop out when slings become slack.
  • Designed to eliminate the dangerous use of standard hooks.
  • Furnished in left hand and right hand models.
  • For maximum capacity use CLB lugs with a lifting beam.


Lifting Lug Specifications

CLB Container Lifting Specifications
(Set of 4)
Dimensions (inches) Weight
CLB-40 88,100 lbs. 5.984 7.126 1.772 1.457 2.874 2.953 1.575 39.7


Lifting Lug Set - Angles - Work Load Limit

Check the markings on the lug. It will be stamped with the maximum work load limits for: 0°, 36°, 50° angles.


The working load limit per set (4 lugs) is:
50 tons at a 0° vertical angle
40 tons at a 36° vertical angle
32 tons at a 50° vertical angle

Angle of lift must be specified when ordering CLB lugs


1. Spreader Beam adds stability to lift

2. CLB Lugs can be used in the top lifting also

3. Un-Symmetrically Loaded containers can be handled by using lifting beams and shortening chain slings


1. Bottom Side

2. Bottom End


For maximum load capacity, a lifting frame can be used with the lugs attached as above


Un-Safe, Do Not Use

Not Recommended, sling
may damage container

Lifting frames offer little stability


Installation Instructions

Lugs are furnished in both left and right hand models.
Left hand lugs are marked with an "L"
Right hand lugs are marked with an "R"

1) Introduce lug into slot

2) Insert lug to the fullest extent.

3) Turn lug until spring bolt is fully engaged in slot

4) Lug is now in position

Reverse these operations for removal.


All goods are custom made and Non-returnable. Any return must be negotiated, include a return authorization number and will be subject to a restocking fee.


Products made and/or supplied by Lift-It® Manufacturing can expose you to chemicals including Chromium, Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Lead, Lead based compounds DEHP, Nickel, Nickel compounds, Acrylamide, Crystalline Silica, Triethanolamine, N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:

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