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Cortland - D/S Composite Double Braid Rope

Cortland D/S Composite is a double braided rope with the inner core made of High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) and the outer sleeve of polyester. Cortland D/S Composite has very low elongation, high strength and the feel and handling of polyester double braid. It is identified with two external black markers. D/S Composite is delivered standard with an overlay marine finish and is available on special order with a spliceable polyurethane finish in clear or any of six colors. Features & Benefits • High strength • Low stretch • Soft hand • Torque free • Easy splicing Applications • Utility winch lines • Utility pulling lines • Crane lines • Vessel mooring lines • Theatrical rigging Please refer to the technical specifications below for more information. We have all of your synthetic rope, fiber rope, HMPE Rope,floating rope products available. Please ask your Lift-It representative for further information on all your high performance lifting rope needs.
Made in the USA

Cortland - Plasma Rope 12 Strand (12x12)

Cortland Plasma® Rope, 12 strand construction is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Cortland Plasma® 12 strand rope is manufactured from Ultra High Modulus Polyethylene UHMPE) that has been enhanced by Cortland’s patented recrystallization process. Cortland Plasma® 12 strand is delivered standard with a polyurethane finish and is easily spliced using a simple lockstitch type splice, 4-3-2 or 5-4-3 tuck splice. Its soft, torque free braided construction provides easy handling. Plasma® rope 12x12 is a 12-strand braided rope in which each of the 12 strands is, in turn, a 12-strand rope, or braided primary strand. Plasma® is manufactured from High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) that has been enhanced by Cortland’s patented recrystallization process. This patented construction addresses the most critical properties of the fibers to provide a very high strength translation efficiency for larger ropes. This design allows for long lay lengths, making rope that is more flexible for bending applications, easy to inspect, and can be quickly spliced using standard 12 strand splicing techniques. Plasma® 12x12 is supplied with our standard polyurethane finish, although other coatings can be applied to suit specific applications.
Made in the USA
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