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Lifting Slings

Industrial Lifting and Rigging Industry Slings

Slings for industrial lifting sling applications are available by clicking the lifting sling categories below. Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc. has earned its reputation for quality, service and innovation by providing heavy duty nylon slings for the crane, rigging and material handling industries for over thirty-four years. Our polyester and nylon lifting straps are used by the world’s leading companies in the energy generation, mining, aerospace, transportation and manufacturing industries. Synthetic lifting slings and straps like all industrial lifting slings have limitations.

It is important for responsible sling users to realize that chain slings, wire rope slings and wire mesh slings all have their place for proper use and application. Polyester and heavy duty nylon lifting slings have two primary limitations: they are easily damaged by cutting and abrasion and they are susceptible to damage from heat above 194 degrees (F)/90 degrees (C). Chain Slings and Wire Rope Slings offer higher temperature limits of 400 degrees (F). Uncoated wire mesh slings can be used at temperatures of 550 degrees (F) with no reduction in sling work load limits. Heavy duty lifting straps made from webbing, like all lifting slings must be protected from cutting and abrasion by materials of sufficient strength, thickness and construction.

Lifting Sling Resource Guide

Our web site and Rigging Resource Guide feature many innovative devices that will afford the responsible sling user protection, visit our web page Sling Protection for more detail. Remember there is no such device that is cut proof! Sling protection against cutting is different than that used to protect against abrasion. Abrasion pads and sleeves do not provide protection against polyester web and nylon sling cutting damage.

Polyester and Nylon Web Slings are lightweight, flexible and have wider bearing surfaces to prevent damage to the load. Many different designs are available and the most popular are endless nylon slings and eye and eye lifting slings. Polyester and nylon endless slings allow the user to rotate the sling connection and load contact points. Eye and Eye slings are available in flat eye or half twist eye designs. Half twist eyes allow for a more efficient choker hitch. All nylon and polyester sling eyes are wrapped with additional material at the bearing points of the sling eyes to prevent damage at the connection points, enhancing the sling life cycle.

Other heavy duty rigging slings like Reversed Eye slings and Wide Body Cargo slings are also readily available. Endless, Eye and Eye and Reversed Eye lifting straps can be used in all three hitches: choker, vertical and basket. Wide Body Cargo slings should only be used in a basket hitch and never in choker or vertical hitch applications. Heavy duty nylon slings and straps used by the crane and rigging industry offer stretch characteristics that can be desirable at times to help to reduce the effects of shock loading. Nylon slings stretch at approximately 6-8% at work load limit. If stretch and elongation are not a suitable characteristic, then sling users can opt for a polyester sling with approximately half the stretch of a nylon lifting sling. When polyester slings are not available, users can always use a nylon sling with a much larger capacity then is required to minimize stretch, if so desired.

Lift-It® Sling Varieties

Lift-It® offers many web grades, styles and heavy duty nylon sling and polyester hoist strap configurations to suit various industrial, crane and rigging requirements. Sling webbing is available in nylon and polyester materials. In addition, Lift-It® offers Polyester Max Edge™ Rigging Slings which feature a more durable edge. The extra coating found on the edges of industrial lifting slings fabricated with Polyester Max-Edge™ make the lifting sling more resistant to abrasion, NOT more cut resistant. In addition to Endless, Eye and Eye, Reversed Eye and Wide Body Cargo slings, Lift-It® offers industrial rigging slings that feature metal end fittings and the most extensive line of polyester and nylon sling bridle assemblies available.

Choker Hardware slings allows sling users to use the sling in all three hitches: choker, vertical and basket. Basket Hardware slings can be used in vertical and basket hitches only. The metal fittings used in Choker Hardware slings and Basket Hardware slings are fabricated from alloy steel or aluminum materials. Responsible sling users must select the material that is best suited for the mechanical and environmental factors encountered during use. Polyester and Nylon Bridle sling assemblies feature single or multiple legs for the efficient rigging of loads with fixed lifting points. Generally master links are used as a top collector, but master links with subassemblies provide improved performance for bridle slings featuring more than two sling legs. Combinations of links, hooks and shackles can be combined to achieve the rigging goals needed in the industrial rigging and material handling industries.

About Lift-It®

Lift-It® offers the most complete line of specialty slings, Custom Lifting Slings and made to order slings available for the rail, mining, energy, wind, transportation, aerospace, manufacturing, crane and rigging industries. Municipal and Government entities also have access to the vast array of drum slings, gas cylinder slings, tool bags, remote release slings, adjustable slings, heavy duty industrial tow straps, glass handling slings and hose handling slings. If what you see on our web site is not what you require, the professionals as Lift-It® Manufacturing will design a custom sling assembly to your specifications.

All slings have their limitations. Consider a polyester Round Sling or a Twin-path® sling as an alternative when polyester web slings or nylon web slings are wider than 4 inches and 4 ply thick. Because polyester round sling and Twin-Path® slings feature a body made up of multiple wraps of polyester yarn they do not choke lock. Only the finest materials are used to produce our polyester and nylon slings. These discriminating requirements and the skill of our dedicated, fabrication specialists, with combined experience, which must be expressed in terms of centuries, results in the finest sling and rigging products available. We have always had stringent quality control procedures.

Our commitment to excellence was further demonstrated as Lift-It® successfully passed its registration audit and was registered by SAI Global for ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100B:2009, Quality Management Systems-Regulations for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations. Excellence is our standard, not our goal. We are active members of the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA). I have served as an association director, vice-president, president and am a member of the technical committees for Web slings, Roundslings and chair the Legal Resource Committee. We have maintained membership in the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) for the past twenty-five years, where I serve on the technical subcommittees for web slings and roundslings. I am a member of the ASME B30.9 sling subcommittee and belong to the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (ACRP). Our participation in these associations and others requires a tremendous amount of time, travel and expense. Please call or contact us for all of your industrial lifting sling needs.

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