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    Yale Double Braid Polydyne™

    Polydyne™ is a high strength double-braided rope incorporating a polyester sleeve over a nylon core. Despite the dissimilar stretch characteristics of these fibers, Polydyne™ maximizes load sharing between core and sleeve, yielding extremely high strength and high working energy absorption capacity. Available with Maxijacket Coating.

    Yale Double Esterlon™

    Double Esterlon™ is a double-braided rope made from unique, high tenacity, cordage-finish, polyester yarn. Yale’s exceptionally high strengths come from: selecting this specific yarn (minimum 9.2 gpd), careful attention to machine setup and the extraordinary lubricity of the yarn. Double Esterlon™ offers low stretch, high strength, excellent wear life and dielectric strength.

    Yale LOUPS Rope Slings

    LOUPS Rope Slings are the most efficient synthetic rope sling available. LOUPS Rope Slings feature Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene (UHMPE) core elements, providing strength, but weigh only a fraction of wire rope and conventional polyester roundslings.

    Yale Single Braid Vectrus™

    Yale Cordage- Vectrus™ is a single-braid rope of 100% Vectran™ (LCP-Liquid Crystal Polymer) with Maxijacket coating to enhance fiber abrasion resistance and UV stability. LCP is more tolerant of tighter bending radii in terminations than other high-modulus fibers. Vectran™ LCP has no tendency to creep, making it the perfect solution for critical applications where little or no dimensional variation is acceptable. Give us a call for your Yale Cordage questions or orders.

    Yale Single Braid Yalex™

    Yalex™ is a single-braid, 12-strand rope constructed of lubricated, type 1W81, high-tenacity polyester. Yalex™ construction with two ends per carrier creates a larger void in the middle of the rope, making rope splicing easier. Yalex™ is finished with Maxijacket coating to optimize the service life of the rope by reducing snagging and increasing abrasion resistance.