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    OZ Beam Trolley with Clamp

    This versatile Trolley Clamp Combo gives you the option to roll like a trolley or lock down like a clamp, it’s lightweight, moves super quick from beam to beam, has precision ball bearing trolley wheels,anti-drop plate, durable baked enamel finish, stainless I.D. tag and Individual test certificate and serial number. Each trolley has a lock down screw for added safety, this unique trolley also adjusts to most I, W , and S beams with ease.

    Oz Geared Beam Trolley

    The Oz Geared Beam Trolley is designed for the user who has a precision lift and needs the ability to move slowly across the beam with the least amount of sway, the precision ball bearing trolley wheels make it easy to maneuver heavy loads into position at any given point along the I, S, or W beam. The GBT has anti drop plates, double baked enamel paint, with individual test certs, and serial numbers for complete traceability.

    OZ Lifting Beam Clamps

    This Oz Lifting Products beam clamp is 100% made in the U.S.A.. OZ Lifting Products uses no press fit pins in their beam clamps. They also completely weld the support plates at the main load pin to the heavy-duty side plates, providing exceptional rigidity and strength. EPA-compliant zinc plating also adds increases corrosion resistance.

    OZ Mini Mechanical Chain Hoist

    OZ Mini Mechanical Chain Hoist is lightweight robust construction and has a high strength alloy load chain.

    OZ Mini Mechanical Lever Hoist

    OZ Mini Mechanical Lever Hoist having lightweight construcion, fully enclosed gear train with minimum headroom.

    OZ Premium Chain Hoist

    OZ Premium Chain Hoist Free spare latch kit with every hoist!

    OZ Premium Lever Hoists

    OZ Premium Lever Hoists. Lever Hoist from 0.75 ton through 9 ton. Standard lifts of 5, 10, 15 and 20 ft. (All standard lifts in stock)We custom rig to meet your needs! FREE SPARE SET OF LATCHES WITH EVERY HOIST!!!

    OZ Push Beam Trolley

    This lightweight robust all steel Trolley features super quick adjustment, precision ball bearing trolley wheels, and anti-drop plate with a durable baked enamel finish. It carries its own Stainless Steel I.D. tag and comes with an individual test certificate and serial number. The Push Beam Trolley continues to be a top seller in the lifting and rigging industry.