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2013, June

(0) Lift-It Manufacturing CEO, Mike Gelskey Sr., featured speaker at Web Sling and Tie Down Association event

Mike Gelskey, Sr., Past President of the Web Sling and Tie Down Association (WSTDA) presented the details of a fatality resulting from the use of a damaged sling at the Fall 2012 meeting of the WSTDA held in Minneapolis, MN. The presentation explored the circumstances of the unfortunate and premature death of Rodney Armstrong Guy, a 32 year old lineman.  Rodney Guy was killed at 2:15 PM on March 20, 1992 during a clipping operation of a 500kV transmission line in Rio Vista, CA. The sling had been used for 33 months and twice previously the very day Rodney was killed. Several factors lead to his death. The sling was severely overloaded as it was dynamically loaded to 14,000 lbs. as the line was clipped into the insulator.  The sling work load limit was 8860 Lbs.  In addition to the sling overload, there was no advance calculation done to determine the work load requirement. The sling was also severely UV degraded.  A nylon sling continually exposed to sources of ultraviolet light for periods ranging from 12-30 months may lose 40 to 60% of original strength. The sling was severely damaged and either the damage was ignored or the sling was not inspected prior to use. While making presentations in Mandan, North Dakota Mike Gelskey met Mr. Vince Smith, who was working with Rodney the day he was killed.  Mr. Smith provided Gelskey with a picture of Rodney and eerily the sling that snapped can be seen in its extremely distressed state in the background. The sling separated at the exact midpoint , in a straight line propelling the block into Rodney’s chest, killing him instantly as a result of blunt trauma to chest and abdomen. The damaged $40 sling could have been replaced after a 40 mile drive to West Sacramento. 40 miles, 40 dollars and proper training is all it would  have taken for Rodney  to enjoy Grandchildren at this point in his life. The members of the WSTDA expressed their appreciation for Gelskey’s  presentation.

(0) Michael J. Gelskey, Lift-It Mfg. CEO, featured as Wind Power Engineering and Development Person of Influence
Mr. Michael J. Gelskey, Chief Executive Officer, Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc. was featured in the May issue of Wind Power Engineering and Development as a Person of Influence.To see the article in its entirety please visit  Wind Power Engineering-Lift-It Mfg. Mr. Gelskey's passion is accident prevention training .
He has presented sling and rigging safety classes for the past thirty-two years and has the distinction of presenting at the AWEA Operations and Maintenance Safety Conference on multiple occasions. His energy is contagious as he inspires audiences in plush conference rooms or in wind farm job trailers with a quest for excellence that does not allow for compromise. Mr. Gelskey comments, "Fatalities, injuries and the destruction of property can be the consequences of improper rigging and/or inspection. Another contributing factor is risky behavior that does not result in the successful completion of any task."  What began a simple two hour "awareness" presentations has developed into multiple day learning experiences.  Sling and rigging training classes have been presented for some of the industry leaders in the Wind Power industry.  The owners of D.H. Blattner and White Construction invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the people they employ and are tasked with protecting. Not all companies are as conscientious and their investment has resulted in substantial returns making them the best in the industry.
Sling and Rigging safety classes can be extremely bad or extremely effective.  The Lift-It sling safety program is based upon education that prevents accidents by transferring knowledge and skills in a dynamic and interactive format.  The sole objective of any training mission is to change attitudes, which results in behavior modification.  Improved awareness and an aversion to risky behavior are developed as training candidates come to the conclusion that only they can make a difference by accepting responsibility for their own actions.
One of the most popular programs which is an extension of the sling user training and sling inspection training available from Lift-It Manufacturing is the Train-the-Trainer, professional development program.
Not your basic, Train-the-Trainer program, which regurgitates a course outline, the Trainer Program available from Lift-It provides skills and "behind the scene" ingredients to make candidates more dynamic and effective.
These presentation skills and techniques will make attendees more effective in presentations on any subject matter. Mike Krupa, a retired military trainer and now a professional trainer the oil exploration industry commented at of our safety training session for trainers, "Gelskey, I was not real excited about attending your three day Trainer Program, it's probably the 26th such program I have attended, but I have to say one thing, where the heck were yo thirty years ago! "
Another dream come true was realized when in June 2012, the Lift-It Learning Center was made operational. A 2500 sq. ft. state of the art training facility with thousands of display articles is located at corporate headquarters in Pomona, CA. Monthly learning experiences are presented. Sling user training, sling inspection training and NCCCO Rigger Level 1 and Level 2 preparatory training are offered on a regular basis. To view the 2013 Training Schedule, please visit the Lift-It Rigging and Sling Safety Training schedule.
Anyone can present sling training, rigging classes, or sling inspection safety classes, but can they inspire and facilitate change? The biggest differences between the many free sling safety classes that are available and the rigging safety training provided by Lift-It is that our students do not catch up on well deserved rest they deserve. Our students leave the learning experience educated, enthused and energized ( in a good way!).  "I challenge my students to make a difference and to look inwards to determine where the changes should begin. Our training doesn't just help people pass a test. Our training gives our students a new perspective and provides sling and rigging safety techniques that can be employed daily at their jobs, even benefiting them when they are off the clock."