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    2013, September

    0 Chain Slings Educational Series

    Chain slings are one of the most durable and robust types of rigging available. It is not uncommon to inspect chain slings that have been in service up to 40 years. Industrial lifting slings fabricated from chain offer riggers two important advantages over nylon web slings, polyester round slings and twin-path® slings: wire chain slings are more temperature tolerant, cut resistant and certain options allow chain rigging slings to be adjustable.

    Chain is produced in different grades. The larger ...

    0 Multi-Leg Bridle Slings Educational Series

    Bridle slings made from polyester and nylon web slings are a great device for handling loads with fixed lifting points.
    Bridle slings are also referred to as Multi-leg Bridle slings, Bridle assemblies, Sling Bridle assemblies, Hardware Bridle slings, Web Sling Bridles or type 10 slings.

    Any Bridle sling features three component parts: a top lifting fixture, connector fittings at the bottom and web straps that join the top lifting fixture to the bottom connection points. Most of the bridle slings...