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    2013, July

    0 How To Properly Select Industrial Crane Slings and what you MUST know when using them.

    There are primarily six basic types of industrial Crane Slings that riggers use to lift and manipulate materials. All six sling types can be found in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Sling Safety Standard, B30.9. They are: chain slings, wire rope slings, metal mesh slings, synthetic rope slings, web slings and roundslings.

    There is no single sling that will accomplish every task, even if you are told that by those that market a specific sling type.  All slings have certai...

    0 International Rigging Safety Training provided by Lift-It Mfg.
    0 Nylon Web Slings Spray Painting Guidance

    I recently received a letter from a genteleman regarding nylon web slings and spray painting on the nylon web sling for marking purposes. My answer to the question is posted in my reply letter back to him. You can read my response below:

    It was a pleasure meeting you at the EPRI conference.  It was an honor to have you attend our factory training sessions and thank you for your participation in asking a very important question.

    The issue of spray painting nylon web slings is different than the...

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