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    2012, October

    0 Have the right perspective for red core yarns in web slings

    Many web sling manufacturers have referred to Red Core Yarns as Red Core “WARNING” yarns. The red core “WARNING” yarns should simply be referred to as Red Core Yarns.

    “Warning” should be omitted as there is a false sense of security and an unreasonable emphasis placed on the red core yarns by uneducated sling users and inspectors.   Red Core Yarns are not a viable inspection device. By the time the red core yarns become visible; the sling should be rejected and removed from service.

    Lift-It Ma...

    0 Synthetic Slings and Father Time

    In the 1990’s an article was published stating that synthetic slings lose strength, strictly as a function of time. The article relayed the results of destruction testing performed on USED slings taken from power plants, line trucks, paper mills and other locations. A majority of the slings broke below the necessary value to justify a 5/1 design factor.

    The less than scientific conclusion of the testing was that synthetic slings lose strength as a function of time and I was mentioned, possibly ...