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2017, January

Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the West Coast Warehouse for Miller Lifting Products
(0) Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the West Coast Warehouse for Miller Lifting Products

Lift-It Manufacturing Company, Inc. is the West Coast Warehouse for Miller Lifting Products.

The same service that you have come to expect from Lift-It is now available for Miller Lifting Products, the most respected swivel, block and overhaul ball manufacturer in our industry.

Call today and your swivels are on the way.

AWEA O&M and Safety Conference
(0) AWEA O&M and Safety Conference

Why shovel snow when you could attend not just the AWEA O&M and Safety Conference, BUT the pre-conference activities in San Diego, California?

The AWEA Operations & Maintenance and Safety Conference is scheduled for

Feb. 27- March 1 , 2017. The wind industry will come together to recognize unique challenges and identify solutions in improving operations, maintenance and safety.

Consider extending your tour of duty by enrolling in the AWEA O&M and Safety

Pre-Conference which features Sling and Rigging Training  presented by Lift-It Manufacturing on Feb. 27th, 2017. 

Two important reasons why you should enroll and attend:
1) Gravity ALWAYS works.
2) Dropped loads KILL, INJURE and/or DESTROY property.

Generally a chain of mistakes combine to form a cumulative outcome known as an accident. The interactive training presented on Feb. 27, 2017 will explore many of the ingredients necessary for successful load handling activities and will also offer various alternatives to mitigate detrimental contributory factors.

Participants are tested and receive a certificate issued by Lifting Equipment and Engineers Association (LEEA) a prestigious international organization that provides training and also accredited the Sling & Rigging training you will attend.

In addition, participants will receive many valuable deliverables including: 500 Page Rigging Resource Guide, Rigger’s Handbook, Rigger Reference Card and a Sling Angle Protractor.

The program will be presented by Michael Gelskey, Sr. and Mike Gelskey, Jr.,who guarantee this will be one of, if not the best sling and rigging training you have experienced.

Don’t think this training is right for you? Click here to test your skills.

Please visit the AWEA website or click here to register for the Lift-It Pre-Conference activity!


The Lift-it family mourns the loss of our brother, Wolfgang W. Kiel.
(0) The Lift-it family mourns the loss of our brother, Wolfgang W. Kiel.

The Lift-it family mourns the loss of our brother, Wolfgang W. Kiel.

Wolfgang was born May 5, 1949 in Samoa and married the love of his life, Sao Keil on 10-26-1973. Their love produced three sons, Albert, Wolfgang and Shane.

Mr. Keil was one of the four original employees of Lift-It Manufacturing, with a 42 year career in the rigging industry. Michael J. Gelskey, Sr, CEO and Founder, Lift-It Manufacturing Co., Inc., remarked, “Wolfgang sewed hundreds of millions of stiches, each with diligence and dedication. Every sling he made was a work of art and he was an integral part in establishing the quality, service and ultimately the success of not only Lift-it, but successful load handling activities throughout the world. Wolfgang never worked for me, I was honored to have worked with him for over forty-two years.”

Michael J. Gelskey, Jr., Vice-president and General Manager, Lift-it Mfg. Company, Inc., stated” Wolfgang was without a doubt the world’s premier fabricator of synthetic slings. The slings he fabricated were be responsible for the handling of several billions of tons of materials, without incidence”.

The Lift-it Learning Center is undergoing modernization to include two load simulators and will be dedicated on October 2, 2017 as the Wolfgang W. Kiel Learning Center. Students from around the world will learn and benefit from Mr. Kiel’s legacy and his dedication to excellence that did not allow compromise.

Wolfgang was predeceased by his youngest son, Shane and is survived by Sao, his wife of 44 years and sons, Wolfgang, Albert and Steven.

(0) Got Sling Protection?

What type of idiots would spend thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars JUST to develop Guides for the proper use of Sling Protection? We, the Lift-It Lunatics would be those idiots.

Some sophisticated organizations and supposedly knowledgeable and reputable sling fabricators just don’t get it! Paper thin, “sling protection” is sold with no warnings. If used properly those specific devices will provide protection from abrasion but WILL NOT prevent damage to slings from cutting.

Sling users in highly critical and scrutinized material handling operations continue to use what is described in “incident” reports as inadequate “softeners”.

If you are interested in receiving the soon to be published Guides for Sling Protection, contact us at to receive the information as soon as the ink dries.

If you are interested in training your personnel to properly use protection, enroll in the upcoming training offered at the Lift-It Learning Center or bring the training to your location.

Sling protection has been a passion of ours for thirty-seven years. We have NEVER done a presentation without addressing sling protection.

The correct perspective on sling protection combined with keeping your people out of not only the “fall” zone, but the “strike” zone will save lives. Gravity always works and the unplanned release of tension resulting in deadly recoil and/or impact force will INJURE or KILL.

View Michael Gelskey, SR’s. Google+ Profile Here