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    2015, February

    0 Synthetic Lifting Slings Life Expectancy

    In the 1990′s an article was published stating that synthetic slings lose strength, strictly as a function of time. The article relayed the results of destruction testing performed on USED slings taken from power plants, line trucks, paper mills and other locations. A majority of the slings broke below a 5/1 design factor.
    The less than scientific conclusion of the testing was that synthetic slings lose strength as a function of time and I was mentioned, possibly to add credence to the incorrect ...

    0 Cost Effective Excellence is NOT Dropping Loads!

    It was a pleasure to present for the AWEA-O&M and Safety Seminar for the fourth consecutive year. Everything was first cabin, as usual and Hotel Del Coronado was a delightful location for the conference.

    Another power conference requested a presentation on Cost Effective Excellence in the context of sling and rigging activities. For thirty-three years I have presented a simple message: rig right to go home at night.

    I was informed prior to the other conference that while my message on sling an...