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    2014, July

    Pacific Gas & Electric and "Middle Child" Syndrome
    0 Pacific Gas & Electric and "Middle Child" Syndrome
    Junior has worked at Lift-It prior to entering that wonderful period we refer to as the
    teenage years.  Being a middle child didn’t help matters.  The good people at PG&E
    really thought the world of Junior when instead of selling them a very expensive spreader
    beam and rigging, he suggested that they purchase the rigging and RENT the spreader bar.
    Months later this was brought to my attention at a management presentation for Pacific Gas & Electric.  Needless everyone, including me was impres...
    Custom Fabricated Tie Back Slings
    0 Custom Fabricated Tie Back Slings
    APS-PVNGS Takes Excellence Up a Notch
    Arizona Public Service, Palo Verne Nuclear Generating Station is the nation’s largest
    nuclear generation facility.  The Lift-It family has had a long and honorable history
    with the good people at PVNGS.


    Many take distressed slings and use them for tiebacks to secure crane blocks and headache balls to the equipment during transport. The safety professionals at PVNGS took excellence to a higher level reasoning that distressed slings should not be used for...

    Lead Blanket Cart Design and Fabrication
    0 Lead Blanket Cart Design and Fabrication

    AEP – DC Cook Gets the Lead Out
    The professionals at AEP, DC Cook took a proactive approach and
    did more than talk about a problem. The collaboration with the design and
    fabrication team at Lift-It Manufacturing resulted in a custom, Lead Blanket
    Cart (Model No. LMC100355-755) capable of handling 4000 Lbs. The Cart
    has usable inside width dimensions of 27.75″ and usable interior length
    dimensions of 48 inches. Custom sizes and capacities are readily available.