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    2013, March

    0 New Lift-It Manufacturing Learning Center Open for Rigging/Rigger Training

    Lift-It Manufacturing, a worldwide leader in the supply of quality rigging and training, is proud to announce the opening of a new Learning Center at company headquarters in Pomona, CA.  The state of the art facility features the latest in technology to provide for multi-media presentations and webinars.  The 40 seat, 2000 sq. ft., facility has hundreds of samples which were generously donated by the quality leaders in the rigging industry. Mike Gelskey, Sr., Chief Executive Officer, Lift-It Man...

    0 Red Core "Safety" Yarns-China Sling Alert
    We sent information relative to the China Sling alert and the deceptive practices many of you
    have been subjected to. The image of rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic should have struck a cord.

    Already false statements about the alert are being made. The alert has to do with WEB slings. The fact that a WEB sling does or does not contain red core yarns does not determine the country of origin. Roundslings without red tracer yarns are not necessarily import.WHEN YOU DEAL WI...

    0 Custom Industrial Lifting Sling made for the Crane and Rigging Business
    For Immediate Release The design and fabrication experts at Lift-It Manufacturing have set another milestone in what could be considered the largest, synthetic bridle fabricated.  The 108 ton rated bridle featured a 5 inch diameter masterlink.  The link weighs 516 Lbs. and was selected to support and collect the two high capacity slings. The sling legs are high performance, Twin-Path® Extra Slings featuring K-Spec® high performance fiber. Spatial and pressure calculations were done in the ...
    0 Polyester Sling Alert


    The China Sling incident has gone viral as we have received the information from every major market segment of the industrial sling and rigging world.


    This is no surprise to us as we have made our customers and students aware of the deception that has been going on for years! If you have not seen the news, please do not hesitate and click on this link now for more information!


    When sling purchases are made solely on the basis of price, the low bid option will always be the successful ...